Impact through creative expression.

HARP (Harvard Arts in Reflection Program) is a 5-day conference on Harvard campus, fostering vital dialogues among participants who are pursuing the arts in various ways, including as a hobby, an area of study, or a career. The conference curates a series of panel discussions, enriching workshops, peer critiques, and creative challenges to nurture and celebrate students’ talents in the arts. Participants will gain insight from prominent figures and international visionaries across various art industries, collaborate on projects that promote a cultural exchange of ideas, and engage in exploring the arts from fresh perspectives.


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  • College students from 18-24 years old from colleges and universities in China or the United States
  • Share some interest and have pursued some past experience that demonstrate interest in the arts or creative fields
  • Medium of arts students have engaged in can range from visual arts to broader interpretation of arts such as dance, improvisational comedy, acting, design, anything that incorporates creativity